Thursday, February 27, 2020

To what extent can management control organizational culture Essay

To what extent can management control organizational culture - Essay Example Management control can be defined as the mechanism by which the management of an organization exercises control over the employees in a manner to reduce costs and losses, fulfilment of objectives and ensuring optimum utilization of the available resources. Organizational culture is another important phenomenon that can be observed in organizations these days. Organizational culture refers to the culture followed within an organizational framework, which is a result of the behaviour of people and the sense that they append to the displayed behaviours. Organizational culture is important for any organization, as it helps in the establishment of a unique culture within and outside the organizational boundaries depending upon which the business objectives are formulated. Use of management control in an organization can have a strong impact upon the organizational culture and its business operations. Management control has several benefits as well as disadvantages over the organizational culture, which establishes a platform for determining the organizational outcomes (O’Donnell & Boyle, 2008). In this context, the essay focuses on gaining an idea of management control and its affect over the organizational culture. The study would provide an argumentative overview of the topic through a discussion on the core principles of management control and organizational culture along with their interrelatedness. The study would also discuss the findings pertaining to the effect of management control over the organizational culture. A management control helps in ensuring that the present organisational standards are in accordance with the pre-determined roles and objectives, which further ensures that necessary actions can be taken in case of discrepancies. Managerial control requires the managers to exercise control over the employees, who are concerned with carrying out several job roles and responsibilities. Management control has a strong influence power on

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